G de GORMAND 2021

G de GORMAND 2021

G de Gormand, the Child of Springtime,  is born from the blend of Garrut from the vinyards of the sea and Trepat from the medieval land.

G de GORMAND is the Passion for Nature

Winemaking & ageing

Prefermerntation at cold temperatures for 5 days,  followed by fermentation with a contolled increase in temperatures until 24 ºC. The malolactic fermentation takes place in the same stainless steel tank. After a light clarification, the wine is bottled in a bordelesa bottle tacking maximum care during the whole process to avoid any oxidation.

Tasting note
Attractive, bright &  lively red colour. Light and fruity on the palate, with pleasant notes of a mix of red fruits ( raspberry, blackberries, blueberries and gooseberries). On the nose, we find the aromas of these fruits with floral notes.

Type of vine
Garrut: old vines (more than 30 years old) at an altitude of 200 metres.  Trepat: Organic farming young vines at an altitude of 362 metres.

Independent wine with a production of 7.000 bottles.


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